Love is God

God is Love. Love is God. This means that wherever Love exists, God is there. A Family of Love is one of the most powerful ways to Live among God. It’s a reunion of Love Spirits that get together to Love each other more profoundly, as Wife / Mother, Husband / Father, Daughters / Sisters and Sons / Brothers. Consequently, a Family where Love really exists is a Family where God lives in. Because God is Love, so Love is God. And Love is the most beautiful and powerful force in the entire world; and the only way to attain absolute happiness. I’m so grateful to my marvellous God of Love for giving me, after asking so many time in prayers, such a wonderful Family replete of Love. My Wife, our Daughter and our Son constitute the most intense way by which I attain God Love in my Life. Thank you so much wonderful Wife, wonderful Daughter and wonderful Son for being my Family of Love, and so for making me feel God every single day of my Life. I Love you!

Love is Wonderful!

Marcos Aragao Correia.

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